We Enable Organizations to Maximize ROI 

We focus on the "R" in ROI by helping organizations build the muscles of prioritizing problems to solve & desired outcomes to drive, rather than lists of features. On thinking creatively about how to iteratively deliver thin slices of value sooner.  On putting the customer at the center, making data-driven decisions, & clearly defining (& measuring) success for each investment you make.

To enable the "I" in ROI,  we help translate the idea of being an agile organization into tangible practices & behaviors that teams can use on a daily basis - allowing you to eliminate waste, empower teams to move with speed, and improve the engagement models across your business.

We Help Teams & Individuals Do Their Best Work

Today's knowledge workers put in an average of 47 hours per week at work.  Each of your team members likely spends more time at work than  with family or friends, or at play with their hobbies & passions. 


Shouldn’t the environment they work in allow you to harness their best work and ideas?  Shouldn’t we work to solve the organizational, process, & cultural challenges that may be holding them back from adding even more value? 


One of the things that gets us up in the morning is enabling highly productive, engaged teams that are invested, not just in the output, but also in the outcomes they are producing.  They have the runway to drive those outcomes, so that they are excited to show up.  Everyday.

What People Say


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Love the dynamic nature of the workshops where everyone is engaged and participating in the activity together.

Perfect balance of theory & tangible practices - really shifted our mindset and way of thinking with real examples and hands on practice.

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Janel has a serious product mindset and a real knack for helping others achieve a higher level -  helping me think of customer problems or business problems to solve.

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