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Based on the needs and desired outcomes of our clients, we offer flexible engagement models, which can be utilized as stand-alone, or in tandem to maximize the desired client outcomes. 

Root Cause Discovery 

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End to End Transformation

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Leadership  Residency

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Executive Coaching & Advisory Services

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Training & Workshops

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Speaking Engagements

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Root Cause Discovery and Recommendations 

Brainstorming Session

We truly believe that most smart folks can go into a room and solve a problem.   But it’s often more difficult to find the actual problem that needs to be solved.   We provide a focused discovery engagement to dig in with the leaders and makers to uncover the root cause/causes that are standing between your goals and the reality of your current state. 


There is no “one size fits all” discovery process – we custom design our engagement model based on the client’s desired outcome and complexity of the organization.  Based on our discovery assessment, we recommend solutions to be prioritized along with leadership based on feasibility, impact, and other organizational variables that need to be taken into consideration. 


This is a time-boxed engagement, agreed upon mutually.


End to End Implementation & Transformation

woman writing change with brain on wall.

This is our sweet spot – if desired by our clients – to roll up our sleeves and work side by side with our clients to implement a change strategy aligned with the desired outcomes for the organization (part time or full time/dedicated). 


We are often asked what formal change management framework or approach we use for these types of engagements – and the answer is each approach is 100% customized to the client’s needs, timeline, the current state of the organization, and the solutions we partner to create.  We pick the best of each approach and adapt it to the style and needs as appropriate. 


An end to end transformation engagement includes leadership coaching and readiness, hands-on training and coaching, workshops, and team engagement and communication strategy & plan execution (often partnering with HR function for this piece).


Depending on the complexity of the transformation or implementation, these engagements typically last anywhere from 3 months to > 1 year.

End to End

Leadership Residency

org design.png

For clients who have a need to create, build, or re-imagine a current organization, we offer a hands-on leadership residency program.  We can embed a leader within your organization to design your needs from the inside out.  By digging in and playing a leadership role within the current organization, we are uniquely positioned to evaluate the organizational needs.  Without having a horse in the race, we develop a neutral POV based on organizational strategy & needs and what is best for the organization without bias for what the organization looks like today, political bias, or influence from peers.


We will work with our clients to identify the desired outcomes and responsibilities of the organization in question, evaluate current organizational capabilities and gaps, and develop the organizational structure and roles and responsibilities to meet the needs of the business.  We will help to define the job description and advise on the ideal candidates to fill leadership positions for the new organization.  We offer hands-on training and coaching of new leaders and organizations to ensure they are walking the walk of their mission and ways of working.


Executive Coaching & Advisory Services

Young Businesswomen

For an organization well-equipped to create, communicate, and drive transformation, we offer advisory services to leaders, leadership teams, and senior executives who are at the forefront of driving change for their organizations.  In an advisory or coaching role, we will offer solutions based on past successes, industry trends, and our knowledge of your organizational goals and objectives. 


Advisory & Coaching are flexible and can be as little as 1 hours per week, to much more, depending on the specific needs.

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