get your very own
PERSonal Trainer

1:1 coaching shouldn’t just be for executives.
Our personal training program is designed to help you build & flex the muscles you need to help you shine in your role.
Feel like you have limited opportunities for personal development? 
Finding less opportunities for coaching and feedback in the virtual world? 
Have personal development dollars to spend but want RESULTS, instead of another genericized training that doesn’t quite fit in your reality? 
Prefer a thought partner over hours of watching recorded conference talks?
For the cost of:
One (now virtual) conference fee
One week-long generic training class
Instead you will recieve:
8 one-hour personal coaching sessions
One peer group coaching session
Instinctive Drives © Personal Assessment & Debrief

Why choose the Personal Training Approach?

We've been in your shoes....
What's the value of 1:1 Personal {Professional} Training?
What do we provide?

Discuss initiatives you need to tackle but aren’t sure how to approach

Get tangible actions to resolve challenges with how you or your team are engage with your partners

Practice new skills that you need to build or flex in order to move to the next level

Learn best practices for pains in your org’s ways of working where you know there must be a better way

Tackle challenges in inter-personal dynamics that limit your ability to influence or implicitly lead

Hone your storytelling capability for the product, change, or initiative you are working on

Tactics to balance your capacity across activities and responsibilities you need to balance

Tangible Tactics and Approaches
Real Life Anecdotes and Examples
Tools you can immediately apply

What types of roles do we serve?

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