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Cindy and Janel are both recognized speakers and industry experts who love to share their knowledge and learnings with others.   Together, they are often referred to as the "dynamic duo" for their ability to engage their audiences, provide energetic experiential learning environments, and use real examples and storytelling to help their audience connect the dots to their own experiences.

Upcoming Events & Speaking Engagements

Looking for a Speaker?

Janel Wellborn & Cindy Peterson

Agile Online Summit 2020

October 26th - 30th, 2020

Janel Wellborn & Cindy Peterson

ACMP Norcal Symposium 2020

November 7th, 2002

Previous Speaking Engagements

Add a Little ZOOM ZOOM to your Virtual Facilitation
Tenemos Toneladas de Nuevos Clientes por Explosión Ecommerce. ¿Ahora qué Hacemos?
What is a Product Manager?
UC Berkeley Guest Lecturer
Characteristics of a Great
Product Manager
The Playbook©:  A Catalyst for Real, On-The-Ground Culture Change
Shifting From Output to Outcome:  Lean Startup Principles at Scale
Up Your Game:  Next Level  Facilitation Tools
A Lean Mindset: Shortening the Build, Measure, Learn Mindset to Drive Maximum ROI
2017 University of Biobio, Chile
Old School Meets New School:  Scaling Lean within a Retail Giant
Lean & Agile Mindsets that Drive Return on Invested Capital
2016 CIO Executive Summit
Optimizing Capital Spend: a VC Approach for Enterprises
2016 Forrester Digital
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