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We offer standalone training and workshops on a variety of topics, in addition to the training we do in the context of client engagements.  Below is our menu of current workshop offerings, which we customize based on the particular needs and desired outcomes of our clients.

Workshops typically range from 1/2 day to 1 week sessions, depending on the desired outcomes and are designed in partnership with our clients.

Examples of Workshop Offerings

How to Build a Value-Based Product Portfolio


How do you design a product portfolio for your business unit that is based on customer needs and desired business outcomes?

Workshop Objectives:

  • How to design an effective Portfolio Planning Process

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your idea funnel

  • Developing a repeatable planning process that provides transparency and alignment to business strategy

Executive, Product & Technology Leadership

Portfolio Management

Target Audience:

Facilitation Skills Workshop


Are you looking for more tools in your belt to utilize with your teams or teams you work with?  

Workshop Objectives:

  • Maximizing your effectiveness as a facilitator

  • Designing for your audience

  • Introduction and practical examples of facilitation tactics:

    • Brainstorming

    • Ideation

    • Collaboration

    • Prioritization

Functional Leadership

Human Resources

Change Leadership/Consultants

Target Audience:

What Makes an Amazing Product Manager?

Product Manager.png


Workshop Objectives:

Product & UX Leadership Teams

Target Audience:

Time to Market.jpg

Incorporating Lean Approach to Product Development



Target Audience:


Building a High-Functioning Delivery Team



Target Audience:

Many Hats.jpg

Am I a Mentor, a Coach, or an Advocate?

As a leader, how are you approaching your relationships - within your own team, with others asking for your coaching & guidance, and with intact teams

Workshop Objectives:

Manager & Above Leadership Teams

Target Audience:

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